Our company started the operation in 1998 with objective of offering users a proper solution in sourcing of components. After a few initial years considering the response, the activity was reformed into a limited company in the year 2002. We are located in Pune, which has several electronic and automotive industrial manufacturers that are growing rapidly. Pune city is well connected to all metros in India. Our product portfolio is chosen carefully to satisfy the needs of a variety of users for some of the key semiconductor components of advanced Technology.

We provides solutions to Supply chain Management for Semi Conductors, Diodes, Transistors, MOSFETS, Analog IC's, Passive Components, HallEffect sensors, Driver IC's for stepper motors and PTC Thermistors for Communication Industry. We are serving high-growth application areas like Automotive Electronics, Office Automation, Industrial, Consumer and Telecom Electronics. We offer cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions.

We are authorized representative of Taiwan Semiconductor Company Ltd. Besides this we also support certain other companies supplying electronic components depending on your product requirement.

  • Contribute to community (electronics buyer / seller)
  • Stable and long term operations
  • Ensure value addition to supply chain management
  • Use up-to date information and technology
  • Innovate processes
  • Customer satisfaction (offer value for money)
  • Product competitiveness (Quality / Availability / Price)
  • Product with long PLC ( product lifecycle )
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Continuous growth
  • Committed & Trustworthy supplier
  • Application Support
  • Proper Understanding of Market
  • Good Customer base
  • Good Supplier base
  • Good Cost control
  • Work with Commitment