We also support the products made by certain leading firms in electronic component industry in China and South-East Asia. We represent growing electronic manufacturing and distribution companies. Through this arrangement we can offer a wide range of components mentioned below.

All these suppliers has passed QS9000 & ISO9000 in past years, which ensure a stable, and better quality and service to our customers. Currently

We support

  • Memories - SRAMS, SDRAMs etc.
  • LCDs etc
  • Capacitors all types
  • Magnets & Ferrites
Memories - SRAMS, SDRAMs etc:
We can offer one of the largest memory portfolios. From SRAM to FLASH and DRAM to FIFO, from good reputed brands.
We are in a position to offer the brands that makes wide range of products at attractive prices offering you value for money.
Full range of Plastic Film Capacitors, Polyester, Metallized Polyester, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, Ceramic Chip and Multilayer Ceramic (Mono) Capacitors. Also sells many other types of capacitor such as Mica, Gold, Spark, Starter and Tantalum for any type of electronic product. The supplier also offers other devices like switches and some typical components
We offer the Magnets made for Magnetos and Ferrites made by the leading manufacturers of permanent magnet in China

Through this arrangement we hope we can establish a long-term supply chain relationship between us. We are confident that we could be one of your best suppliers.